Frequently Asked Questions

What insurances are accepted at Focus Physical Therapy?

Most insurances are accepted. Please call to inquire further.

Do I need a doctor’s order to attend therapy?

Some insurances, such as Medicare, do require a doctor’s referral for services to be covered. Other insurances, do not require a doctor’s referral.

At Focus Physical Therapy, we offer Wellness Packages. Please see the Wellness Packages page for more details.

What if I don't have a doctor’s order but would like to be seen at Focus Physical Therapy?

At Focus Physical Therapy, we offer Wellness Packages. These packages allow patients to buy a bundled amount of Physical Therapy sessions to address their rehabilitation needs.

What does my insurance cover? Do I have a copay?

We verify your insurance on your first visit and will have your specific information ready for you at that time.

The Wellness Packages can be very helpful if you have a high deductible as well as if you want to continue your care after insurance ends.

What should I expect at my first visit?

You should arrive early to complete paperwork. Then your Physical Therapist will take you back to an individual treatment room to gather a subjective history, complete objective tests and measures and end the session with a plan for treatment.

How long will I need to be in therapy?

This really depends on each patient’s individual presentation. Your Physical Therapist will go over this after evaluating you on your first visit.